Related entries of code: 1yhs
Entries with 90% protein sequence similarity cutoff in PDBbind
PDB CodeCheck DatabaseProtein Sequence Similarity
1yi3RCSB PDB    PDBbind273aa, >1yi3_A... at 100%
2j2iRCSB PDB    PDBbind312aa, >2j2i_B... at 99%
2o3pRCSB PDB    PDBbind293aa, >2o3p_A... at 97%
2o63RCSB PDB    PDBbind293aa, >2o63_A... at 97%
2o64RCSB PDB    PDBbind293aa, >2o64_A... at 97%
2o65RCSB PDB    PDBbind293aa, >2o65_A... at 97%
2objRCSB PDB    PDBbind333aa, >2obj_A... *
2xixRCSB PDB    PDBbind301aa, >2xix_A... at 99%
2xiyRCSB PDB    PDBbind301aa, >2xiy_A... at 99%
2xizRCSB PDB    PDBbind301aa, >2xiz_A... at 99%
2xj0RCSB PDB    PDBbind301aa, >2xj0_A... at 99%
2xj1RCSB PDB    PDBbind301aa, >2xj1_A... at 99%
2xj2RCSB PDB    PDBbind301aa, >2xj2_A... at 99%
3bgpRCSB PDB    PDBbind333aa, >3bgp_A... at 100%
3bgqRCSB PDB    PDBbind333aa, >3bgq_A... at 100%
3bgzRCSB PDB    PDBbind333aa, >3bgz_A... at 100%
3bwfRCSB PDB    PDBbind313aa, >3bwf_A... at 99%
3c4eRCSB PDB    PDBbind273aa, >3c4e_D... at 100%
3dcvRCSB PDB    PDBbind328aa, >3dcv_A... at 97%
3f2aRCSB PDB    PDBbind300aa, >3f2a_A... at 100%
3ma3RCSB PDB    PDBbind313aa, >3ma3_A... at 99%
3vbvRCSB PDB    PDBbind299aa, >3vbv_A... at 95%
3vbwRCSB PDB    PDBbind299aa, >3vbw_A... at 95%
3vbxRCSB PDB    PDBbind299aa, >3vbx_A... at 95%
3vbyRCSB PDB    PDBbind299aa, >3vby_A... at 95%
3vc4RCSB PDB    PDBbind299aa, >3vc4_A... at 95%
3r00RCSB PDB    PDBbind299aa, >3r00_A... at 95%
3r01RCSB PDB    PDBbind299aa, >3r01_A... at 95%
3r02RCSB PDB    PDBbind299aa, >3r02_A... at 95%
3r04RCSB PDB    PDBbind299aa, >3r04_A... at 95%
3uixRCSB PDB    PDBbind298aa, >3uix_A... at 95%
3umwRCSB PDB    PDBbind298aa, >3umw_A... at 95%
3umxRCSB PDB    PDBbind298aa, >3umx_A... at 95%
3vbqRCSB PDB    PDBbind299aa, >3vbq_A... at 95%
3vbtRCSB PDB    PDBbind299aa, >3vbt_A... at 95%
4a7cRCSB PDB    PDBbind308aa, >4a7c_A... at 92%
4dtkRCSB PDB    PDBbind276aa, >4dtk_A... at 100%
4enxRCSB PDB    PDBbind298aa, >4enx_A... at 95%
4enyRCSB PDB    PDBbind298aa, >4eny_A... at 95%
Complexes with the same small molecule ligand
PDB CodeCheck DatabaseLigand Name
1okyRCSB PDB    PDBbindSTO
1q3dRCSB PDB    PDBbindSTO
1sm2RCSB PDB    PDBbindSTO
1stcRCSB PDB    PDBbindSTO
1u59RCSB PDB    PDBbindSTO
1xbcRCSB PDB    PDBbindSTO
1xjdRCSB PDB    PDBbindSTO
2gcdRCSB PDB    PDBbindSTO

Entry Information
PDB ID1yhs
Complex TypeProtein-Ligand
PDBbind Subsetgeneral set
Protein Nameproto-oncogene serine/threonine-protein kinase
Ligand NameSTO
EC.Number E.C.
Resolution 2.15(Å)
Affinity (Kd/Ki/IC50)IC50=0.01uM
Release Year2005
Protein/NA SequenceCheck fasta file
Primary ReferenceJ.Biol.Chem. v280 pp. 13728-34, 2005

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PDBsumEnhanced annotations on PDB entries
PubchemComprehensive collection of chemical and biological data
ASDInformation of known allosteric effects of PDB entries

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