Related entries of code: 2ha7
Entries with 90% protein sequence similarity cutoff in PDBbind
PDB CodeCheck DatabaseProtein Sequence Similarity
1j07RCSB PDB    PDBbind543aa, >1j07_B... at 100%
1n5rRCSB PDB    PDBbind543aa, >1n5r_B... at 100%
1q83RCSB PDB    PDBbind580aa, >1q83_B... at 100%
1q84RCSB PDB    PDBbind580aa, >1q84_B... at 100%
2ha0RCSB PDB    PDBbind543aa, >2ha0_B... at 100%
2ha2RCSB PDB    PDBbind543aa, >2ha2_B... at 100%
2ha3RCSB PDB    PDBbind543aa, >2ha3_B... at 100%
2ha4RCSB PDB    PDBbind543aa, >2ha4_B... at 99%
2ha5RCSB PDB    PDBbind543aa, >2ha5_B... at 99%
2ha6RCSB PDB    PDBbind543aa, >2ha6_B... at 99%
2whpRCSB PDB    PDBbind548aa, >2whp_B... at 99%
2xufRCSB PDB    PDBbind544aa, >2xuf_B... at 99%
2xuiRCSB PDB    PDBbind543aa, >2xui_B... at 99%
2xupRCSB PDB    PDBbind543aa, >2xup_B... at 99%
3zlvRCSB PDB    PDBbind543aa, >3zlv_B... at 100%
4a16RCSB PDB    PDBbind545aa, >4a16_D... at 99%
4a23RCSB PDB    PDBbind548aa, >4a23_B... at 99%
4araRCSB PDB    PDBbind548aa, >4ara_B... at 99%
4arbRCSB PDB    PDBbind548aa, >4arb_B... at 99%
4b7zRCSB PDB    PDBbind548aa, >4b7z_B... at 99%
4b80RCSB PDB    PDBbind548aa, >4b80_B... at 99%
4b81RCSB PDB    PDBbind548aa, >4b81_B... at 99%
4b82RCSB PDB    PDBbind548aa, >4b82_B... at 99%
4b83RCSB PDB    PDBbind548aa, >4b83_B... at 99%
4b84RCSB PDB    PDBbind548aa, >4b84_B... at 98%
4b85RCSB PDB    PDBbind548aa, >4b85_B... at 99%
4btlRCSB PDB    PDBbind543aa, >4btl_B... at 100%
Complexes with the same small molecule ligand
PDB CodeCheck DatabaseLigand Name
No complexes with the same small molecule ligand are found!

Entry Information
PDB ID2ha7
Complex TypeProtein-Ligand
PDBbind Subsetgeneral set
Protein NameAcetylcholinesterase(S203A)
Ligand NameBCH
EC.Number E.C.
Resolution 2.66(Å)
Affinity (Kd/Ki/IC50)Kd=440uM
Release Year2006
Protein/NA SequenceCheck fasta file
Primary ReferenceJ. Biol. Chem. 2006, 281, 29256-29267.

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