Related entries of code: 2xck
Entries with 90% protein sequence similarity cutoff in PDBbind
PDB CodeCheck DatabaseProtein Sequence Similarity
1okyRCSB PDB    PDBbind310aa, >1oky_A... at 99%
1okzRCSB PDB    PDBbind310aa, >1okz_A... at 99%
1uu3RCSB PDB    PDBbind310aa, >1uu3_A... at 99%
1uu7RCSB PDB    PDBbind310aa, >1uu7_A... at 99%
1uu8RCSB PDB    PDBbind310aa, >1uu8_A... at 99%
1uu9RCSB PDB    PDBbind286aa, >1uu9_A... at 99%
1uvrRCSB PDB    PDBbind289aa, >1uvr_A... at 99%
1z5mRCSB PDB    PDBbind286aa, >1z5m_A... at 99%
2pe0RCSB PDB    PDBbind286aa, >2pe0_A... at 99%
2pe1RCSB PDB    PDBbind286aa, >2pe1_A... at 99%
2pe2RCSB PDB    PDBbind286aa, >2pe2_A... at 99%
2r7bRCSB PDB    PDBbind312aa, >2r7b_A... at 98%
2xchRCSB PDB    PDBbind309aa, >2xch_A... at 99%
3h9oRCSB PDB    PDBbind311aa, >3h9o_A... at 99%
3hrfRCSB PDB    PDBbind311aa, >3hrf_A... at 98%
3ionRCSB PDB    PDBbind312aa, >3ion_A... at 98%
3iopRCSB PDB    PDBbind312aa, >3iop_A... at 98%
3nusRCSB PDB    PDBbind286aa, >3nus_A... at 99%
3nuuRCSB PDB    PDBbind286aa, >3nuu_A... at 99%
3nuyRCSB PDB    PDBbind286aa, >3nuy_A... at 99%
3qcyRCSB PDB    PDBbind312aa, >3qcy_A... at 98%
3qd0RCSB PDB    PDBbind312aa, >3qd0_A... at 98%
3qd3RCSB PDB    PDBbind312aa, >3qd3_A... at 98%
3qd4RCSB PDB    PDBbind312aa, >3qd4_A... at 98%
3qc4RCSB PDB    PDBbind314aa, >3qc4_B... at 97%
3qcqRCSB PDB    PDBbind312aa, >3qcq_A... at 98%
3qcsRCSB PDB    PDBbind312aa, >3qcs_A... at 98%
3qcxRCSB PDB    PDBbind312aa, >3qcx_A... at 98%
3rcjRCSB PDB    PDBbind311aa, >3rcj_A... at 98%
3sc1RCSB PDB    PDBbind311aa, >3sc1_A... at 99%
3rwpRCSB PDB    PDBbind311aa, >3rwp_A... at 99%
3rwqRCSB PDB    PDBbind311aa, >3rwq_A... at 99%
Complexes with the same small molecule ligand
PDB CodeCheck DatabaseLigand Name
No complexes with the same small molecule ligand are found!

Entry Information
PDB ID2xck
Complex TypeProtein-Ligand
PDBbind Subsetgeneral set
Ligand NameMH4
EC.Number E.C.
Resolution 2.3(Å)
Affinity (Kd/Ki/IC50)IC50=713nM
Release Year2010
Protein/NA SequenceCheck fasta file
Primary Reference(2010) Bioorg.Med.Chem.Lett. Vol. 20: pp. 4095-4099

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PDBsumEnhanced annotations on PDB entries
PubchemComprehensive collection of chemical and biological data
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