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Entry Information
PDB ID2w68
Complex TypeProtein-Ligand
PDBbind Subsetgeneral set
Protein NameCBM40 from V. cholerae sialidase
Ligand NameSIA
EC.Number E.C.
Resolution 2.5(Å)
Affinity (Kd/Ki/IC50)Kd=18uM
Release Year2008
Protein/NA SequenceCheck fasta file
Primary Reference(2009) J.Biol.Chem. Vol. 284: pp. 7339-7351
Ligand Properties
Formula C23H39NO19
Molecular Weight 633.551
Exact Mass 633.212
No. of atoms 82
No. of bonds 84
Polar Surface Area 335.08
LOGP Value -6.32      (Computed with XLOGP3)
-7.83      (Computed with Open Babel)
Drug likenessNo. of Hydrogen Bond Donors: 12
No. of Hydrogen Bond Acceptors: 14
No. of Rotatable Bonds: 22
No. of Nitrogen and Oxygen Atoms: 20
No. of Rings: 3
Canonical SMILES
InChI String

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